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EMPOWERMENT (from the Miriam-webster) to promote the self-actualization or influence of …...

My name is Louise Farr and I will be your facilitator and teacher during YOUR JOURNEY to EMPOWERMENT.

I am trained in many modalities and the services I provide are Spiritual Counselling and Teachings, in Shamanism and Reiki.  I teach Reiki Usui Method, and Shamanism.

Two courses I offer are “Journeying with the Two Marys (A Shamanic Journey)TM” non-denomination course and “Journeying to the Unseen WorldsTM”(A beginners course in Shamanism).  I developed these two courses with the helping compassionate spirits of the Virgin Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and the compassionate spirits in the lower and upper shamanic worlds for the Beginner’s course. 

Starting this Fall I will be teaching “Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light”, and “Extraction Training”.  I received my training from Sandra Ingerman for these courses.

Activities at YOUR HEALING JOURNEY that will help you reconnect to your EMPOWERED self,  are Oneness Blessing, Drum Journeying Circle, Full Moon Ceremony, and Grandmother Speak Circle.

Workshops are available to help you expand in your knowledge of self healing and attain empowerment.   I host several teachers from the United States and Canada.  They bring with them one on one sessions and workshops. Please peruse this website for more information and details on these activities and workshops.

Your Healing Journey

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Is your KEY to a balanced life.

JOHN OF GOD Crystal Therapy Bed—APRIL 20th, 2016.  Dana will also be offering the Biopulsar Chakra and Aura Reading.  So the sessions will be 1 hour in length.  BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!

Journeying to the unseen worlds TM

with Louise Farr. Shamanic Practitioner Teacher

A beginners course into shamanism.

Sunday April 10th at Dragonfly Crystals (Rothesay, NB)

Journeyers’ Fee is $100.00

Limited Seating to 10, please register TODAY!

A $50.00 non refundable registration deposit due by March 30th, 2016. 

GO TO INVITED GUESTS SECTION for more information.  Thank You  Blessings.